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Consumer Services -

We understand that with today's busy lifestyles, sometimes life just gets in the way.  That is why we offer the following services:

  • Bill Paying (Online or Manual)
  • Budgeting Plan Preparation
  • Consumer Debt Counseling
  • Credit Repair
  • Debt Negotiation
  • Debt Reduction Plans
  • Quicken Generated Income and Spending Reports
  • Notary Services

Accounting Services -

From new businesses to established companies, every business relies on accurate financial information.  This helps maintain profitability and affords companies new opportunities.  At Jones Bookkeeping Services, LLC, we off a wide range of accounting services for any size company including:

  • Accounts Payable                                                         
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Collection
  • Audit Assistance (Worker's Compensation, Unemployment, DSS, and Child Support)
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Cash Flow Planning
  • Financial Statements

Tax Services -

Today's tax laws are so complicated that filing even a simple return can be confusing.  Don't miss out on entitled credits and deductions.  Even tax preparation software is no substitute for the knowledge of a professional tax preparer.  We offer:

  • Audit Assistance
  • Individual, Sole Proprietor, Partnership, and  Corporate Tax Preparation (Including LLC's and LLP's)
  • E-File Tax Returns
  • Direct Deposit Refunds Into Your Bank Account or Direct Debit Money Owed From Your Bank Account
  • Sales Tax Return Preparation and Online Filing 

Payroll Services -
Constantly changing federal, state and local tax laws and regulations make payroll management a challenge for business owners.  We are here to help ease your stress.  We prepare multiple state & federal tax reports.  We file them online and directly debit your bank account.  Services we offer include:

  • Annual Payroll Tax Return Preparation and Filing (Form 940)
  • Direct Deposit of Paychecks (Fee Applies)
  • Federal and State Tax Deposits
  • Federal and State Tax Return Preparation and Filing (Form 941, State Withholding, Unemployment, Local Tax)
  • Form W-2, W-4, 1099, and New Hire Reporting
  • Payroll Reports
  • Retirement Plan Reporting
  • Track Employee Vacation, Sick Days, and Personal Days
  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly Payroll Processing